What goes with Jackfruit
Category Ingredients that Pair with Jackfruit
Fruits Pineapple, Mango, Banana
Vegetables Bell pepper, Spinach
Spices/Herbs Turmeric, Cumin, Coriander
Proteins Pork (for BBQ jackfruit), Poultry
Breads & Grains Tortillas (for jackfruit tacos), Rice
Drinks Tropical smoothies, Lager, Light fruity cocktails

Wondering what goes well with jackfruit? Look no further! I’ve got the best combos and recipes for you to try.

Jackfruit is a versatile fruit that pairs perfectly with a wide range of ingredients. Whether you’re looking for savory or sweet dishes, jackfruit can be your go-to ingredient. From traditional recipes to creative combinations, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Key Takeaways

  • Jackfruit pairs well with a variety of produce, including bananas, bell peppers, carrots, and onions.
  • Herbs and spices like cilantro, cumin, and turmeric enhance the flavor of jackfruit.
  • Barbecue sauce, coconut milk, and soy sauce are great additions to jackfruit dishes.
  • Try using jackfruit in desserts like sticky rice or a brown sugar cake.
  • Explore the world of jackfruit with vegan “pulled” meat sandwiches, sushi bowls, tacos, and more.

So, whether you’re a jackfruit enthusiast or new to this tropical fruit, get ready to enjoy a culinary adventure with these delicious jackfruit pairings and recipes. Your taste buds will thank you!

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Jackfruit Side Dish Ideas

Jackfruit can be a versatile side dish that complements a variety of ingredients and flavors. Whether you’re looking for a light and refreshing salad or a hearty and satisfying main course, there are plenty of jackfruit recipes to suit your taste. Here are some creative ideas to inspire your next meal:

  1. Jackfruit Curry: Combine jackfruit with aromatic spices like cumin, turmeric, and garam masala for a flavorful curry. Serve it with rice or naan bread for a complete meal.
  2. Jackfruit Tacos: Shred jackfruit and simmer it in a tangy barbeque sauce for a delicious filling in soft taco shells. Top it with fresh salsa, guacamole, and a squeeze of lime for added zing.
  3. Jackfruit Salad: Mix jackfruit with crunchy vegetables like bell peppers, carrots, and onions. Toss it in a zesty dressing made with lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil for a refreshing and nutritious side dish.
  4. Jackfruit Stir-Fry: Sauté jackfruit with an assortment of colorful vegetables like mushrooms, peas, and leeks. Add soy sauce, ginger, and garlic for an Asian-inspired twist. Serve it over steamed rice or noodles for a satisfying meal.

These are just a few examples of the many ways you can incorporate jackfruit into your side dishes. Get creative in the kitchen and experiment with different flavors and ingredients to create your own unique jackfruit recipes!

Jackfruit Side Dish Recipes

Recipe Ingredients Instructions
Jackfruit Curry Jackfruit, onions, garlic, ginger, cumin, turmeric, garam masala, coconut milk, vegetable broth, cilantro 1. Heat oil in a pan and sauté onions, garlic, and ginger.
2. Add spices and cook until fragrant.
3. Add jackfruit, coconut milk, and vegetable broth.
4. Simmer for 20 minutes until jackfruit is tender.
5. Garnish with cilantro and serve with rice.
Jackfruit Tacos Jackfruit, barbeque sauce, taco shells, salsa, guacamole, lime 1. Drain and rinse jackfruit, then shred it with a fork.
2. Heat a pan and add jackfruit and barbeque sauce.
3. Simmer for 10 minutes until jackfruit absorbs the flavors.
4. Warm taco shells and fill them with jackfruit.
5. Top with salsa, guacamole, and a squeeze of lime.
Jackfruit Salad Jackfruit, bell peppers, carrots, onions, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil 1. Chop jackfruit, bell peppers, and onions into bite-sized pieces.
2. In a bowl, combine lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil to make the dressing.
3. Toss the jackfruit and vegetables in the dressing until well coated.
4. Chill in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before serving.
Jackfruit Stir-Fry Jackfruit, mushrooms, peas, leeks, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, vegetable oil 1. Heat oil in a wok or pan and add mushrooms, peas, and leeks.
2. Stir-fry until vegetables are tender-crisp.
3. Add jackfruit, soy sauce, ginger, and garlic.
4. Continue stir-frying until jackfruit is heated through.
5. Serve over steamed rice or noodles.

With these jackfruit side dish ideas and recipes, you can elevate your meals with the unique flavors and textures of this versatile fruit. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or simply looking to try something new, jackfruit is a wonderful addition to any menu. So why not give it a try and discover the delicious possibilities?

Jackfruit side dishes

Did you know that jackfruit can be a delicious addition to both desserts and breakfast? This versatile fruit can bring a unique and tropical twist to your sweet treats and morning meals. Whether you’re looking for a burst of flavor in your desserts or a nutritious ingredient to start your day, jackfruit has got you covered.

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love the variety of jackfruit dessert recipes available. One popular option is jackfruit sticky rice, a delightful Thai dessert made with glutinous rice, coconut milk, and ripe jackfruit slices. The combination of the sweet sticky rice and the tropical flavor of the jackfruit creates a mouthwatering treat that is both satisfying and indulgent.

For a breakfast twist, try adding jackfruit to your smoothies. Its natural sweetness and creamy texture blend perfectly with other fruits like bananas and berries. You can also sprinkle jackfruit pieces on top of your oatmeal or cereal for an added burst of flavor and a touch of tropical goodness to start your day.

“The combination of the sweet sticky rice and the tropical flavor of the jackfruit creates a mouthwatering treat that is both satisfying and indulgent.”

So why limit jackfruit to just main dishes? Let your creativity flow and explore the culinary combinations that this versatile fruit has to offer in desserts and breakfast. It’s a delightful way to introduce new flavors and bring a taste of the tropics to your table.

Jackfruit dessert recipes

Jackfruit Dessert Recipes:

Dessert Ingredients Instructions
Jackfruit Sticky Rice Glutinous rice, ripe jackfruit, coconut milk, sugar
  1. Cook glutinous rice.
  2. Prepare a mixture of coconut milk and sugar.
  3. Serve the cooked rice with sliced jackfruit on top, drizzled with the coconut milk mixture.
Jackfruit Smoothie Jackfruit, banana, berries, yogurt, honey
  1. Blend jackfruit, banana, berries, yogurt, and honey together until smooth.
  2. Pour into a glass and enjoy!
Jackfruit Oatmeal Oatmeal, jackfruit, nuts, honey
  1. Cook oatmeal according to package instructions.
  2. Top with fresh jackfruit, nuts, and a drizzle of honey.

Main dishes featuring jackfruit

Jackfruit can take center stage in a range of mouthwatering main dishes. Its unique texture and ability to absorb flavors make it an excellent substitute for meat, providing a satisfying and delicious meal option for vegans, vegetarians, and meat-lovers alike.

One popular way to enjoy jackfruit is in vegan ‘pulled’ meat sandwiches, where the fruit is simmered in spices and barbeque sauce, then shredded and served on a bun with coleslaw. The tender, tangy jackfruit mimics the texture of pulled pork, creating a truly satisfying sandwich.

For a more global twist, you can try making jackfruit tacos, where the fruit is seasoned with a blend of spices and then pan-fried until crispy. Serve on warm tortillas with your favorite toppings such as avocado, salsa, and lime for a flavorful and vibrant meal.

Jackfruit meal ideas

If you’re in the mood for a comforting dish, consider making a jackfruit pot pie. The jackfruit chunks, combined with vegetables and a rich gravy, make for a hearty and filling filling. Top it off with a flaky pastry crust and bake until golden brown for a delicious twist on a classic comfort food.

Main Dishes Featuring Jackfruit Serving Suggestions
Vegan ‘pulled’ meat sandwiches Serve on a bun with coleslaw
Jackfruit Tacos Serve on warm tortillas with avocado, salsa, and lime
Jackfruit Pot Pie Top with a flaky pastry crust and bake until golden brown

As you can see, jackfruit can be incredibly versatile in main dishes, offering a range of flavors and textures. Whether you’re looking for a vegan alternative or simply want to experiment with new and exciting ingredients, jackfruit is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Jackfruit in Global Cuisines

Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure with these international jackfruit recipes. From Thai-inspired curries to Mexican-inspired tacos, the versatility of jackfruit knows no bounds. Its unique texture and ability to absorb flavors make it a perfect substitute for meat in many dishes.

In Thai cuisine, jackfruit is often used in curries, such as Massaman or Green curry. The tender and fibrous texture of the fruit soaks up the rich and aromatic spices, creating a delicious and satisfying meal. Pair it with fragrant jasmine rice for a complete Thai dining experience.

In Mexican cuisine, jackfruit has gained popularity as a vegan alternative to pulled pork. When cooked and shredded, the fruit’s texture resembles that of pulled meat, making it a great option for tacos, burritos, and even nachos. Tossed with smoky spices and served with fresh salsa, guacamole, and lime, jackfruit tacos are a crowd-pleaser.

Thai-Inspired Jackfruit Curry Mexican Jackfruit Tacos
  • 1 can of jackfruit
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 2 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 1 tablespoon of red curry paste
  • 1 can of coconut milk
  • 1 tablespoon of soy sauce
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • Assorted vegetables (bell peppers, carrots, peas, etc.)
  • Fresh cilantro for garnish
  • Jasmine rice for serving
  • 1 can of jackfruit
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 2 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 1 tablespoon of chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon of cumin
  • 1 teaspoon of paprika
  • 1/2 cup of vegetable broth
  • Corn or flour tortillas
  • Assorted toppings (salsa, guacamole, lime wedges)

These are just a few examples of how jackfruit can elevate your culinary creations. Explore different global cuisines and experiment with jackfruit in dishes like Malaysian rendang, Indian biryani, or Jamaican jerk. The possibilities are endless, and you may find your new favorite go-to ingredient for both vegetarian and meat-eaters alike. So, why not give jackfruit a try and bring some international flair to your kitchen?

Jackfruit tacos

Remember, jackfruit is not only delicious but also packed with nutrients. It is a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, and potassium, making it a healthy addition to your meals. So, get creative and have fun exploring the culinary combinations and cooking ideas that jackfruit has to offer!

Additional Recipe: Jamaican Jerk Jackfruit

“Jamaican jerk jackfruit is a flavorful and spicy dish that will transport you to the sunny shores of the Caribbean. Marinated in a blend of aromatic spices like allspice, thyme, and scotch bonnet peppers, the jackfruit absorbs the bold flavors and becomes tender and juicy when cooked. Serve it with traditional Jamaican sides like rice and peas, fried plantains, and coleslaw for a truly authentic experience.”

Jackfruit in Vegan and Vegetarian Dishes

Whether you follow a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle or simply enjoy plant-based meals, jackfruit is a game-changer in creating delicious meat-free dishes. With its meaty texture and ability to absorb flavors, jackfruit serves as an excellent substitute for meat in various recipes. It’s also packed with nutrients, including fiber, vitamin C, and potassium, making it a nutritious addition to your meals.

When it comes to jackfruit vegan recipes, the possibilities are endless. You can use shredded jackfruit as a filling for sandwiches, burgers, and wraps, creating a satisfying and flavorful meal. It’s also great for making plant-based versions of classic dishes like bolognese, tacos, and stir-fry.

For jackfruit vegetarian recipes, you can explore creative options like jackfruit sushi bowls, crab cakes, and loaded sweet potato fries. The versatility of jackfruit allows you to experiment with different flavors and cuisines, from savory to spicy, and create unique dishes that cater to your taste preferences.

One popular way to enjoy jackfruit in vegan and vegetarian dishes is by making “pulled” jackfruit. By simmering jackfruit in a savory sauce, you can achieve a texture similar to pulled pork or chicken. This can be used as a filling for sandwiches, tacos, or even pizza, giving you a plant-based alternative that is both delicious and satisfying.

Jackfruit vegan and vegetarian recipes

Vegan Jackfruit Recipes Vegetarian Jackfruit Recipes
Vegan “Pulled” Jackfruit Sandwiches Vegetarian Jackfruit Sushi Bowls
Vegan Jackfruit Tacos Vegetarian Jackfruit Crab Cakes
Vegan Jackfruit Stir-Fry Vegetarian Loaded Sweet Potato Fries with Jackfruit

“Jackfruit is a versatile ingredient that can transform any vegan or vegetarian dish into a flavorful and satisfying meal.”

Try These Jackfruit Meal Ideas:

  • Create a jackfruit curry with coconut milk and aromatic spices like cumin and turmeric.
  • Add jackfruit to your favorite vegetarian chili recipe for a hearty and protein-rich twist.
  • Make jackfruit tacos with all the delicious toppings like avocado, salsa, and cilantro.
  • Prepare a jackfruit stir-fry with your favorite vegetables and soy sauce.
  • Enjoy a jackfruit-loaded baked sweet potato topped with vegan cheese and fresh herbs.

By incorporating jackfruit into your vegan or vegetarian dishes, you can elevate your meals and explore new flavors. Whether you’re a seasoned plant-based eater or just starting to incorporate more meatless options into your diet, jackfruit is a versatile and tasty ingredient that will inspire you to get creative in the kitchen.


Jackfruit is truly a culinary gem, offering a plethora of possibilities in the kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a sweet and savory side dish, a delicious dessert, or a satisfying main course, jackfruit can deliver. Its unique texture and mild flavor make it a versatile ingredient that can be paired with a wide range of produce, herbs, spices, and even sauces.

For those with a sweet tooth, jackfruit can be the star of delightful desserts like jackfruit sticky rice and jackfruit brown sugar cake. Alternatively, add it to your breakfast smoothie for a nutritious and tropical twist. If you’re craving exotic flavors, a Thai-inspired jackfruit curry could be just what you need.

But the versatility of jackfruit doesn’t end there. It can also take center stage as the main ingredient in a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes. From ‘pulled’ meat sandwiches to loaded sweet potato fries, jackfruit can mimic the texture and taste of meat, providing a satisfying and flavorful alternative.

So, why not embrace the culinary adventure and start exploring the world of jackfruit today? With its endless possibilities, there’s sure to be a combination that will tantalize your taste buds. Get creative in the kitchen and discover your favorite jackfruit dishes. You won’t be disappointed!

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