What goes with Haddock
Category Ingredients that Pair with Haddock
Fruits Lemon, Lime
Vegetables Spinach, Potatoes, Asparagus
Spices/Herbs Dill, Parsley, Tarragon
Proteins Scallops, Prawns, Cod
Breads & Grains Quinoa, Rice
Drinks White wines, Light ales, Herbal teas

When it comes to serving haddock, finding the right accompaniments can elevate your culinary experience to new heights. This mild white fish pairs beautifully with a variety of side dishes and condiments, creating a perfect balance of flavors and textures. From refreshing salads and hearty grains to indulgent sauces and vegetables, there are endless possibilities to enhance the delicate flavor of haddock.

Key Takeaways

  • Pair haddock with green beans and bacon for a savory and smoky side dish.
  • Enhance the flavors of haddock with homemade tartar sauce or honey mustard and horseradish sauce.
  • Enjoy the crispiness of French fries or the earthy flavors of oven roasted root vegetables alongside haddock.
  • Create a refreshing contrast with green salad, cucumber salad, or a classic wedge salad.
  • Elevate your haddock meal with a creamy classic risotto or the delightful combination of haddock and Gemelli pasta.

Delicious Side Dishes for Haddock

Our selection of side dishes will add a burst of flavor and texture to your haddock meal. Whether you’re looking for something comforting, crispy, or nutritious, we have the perfect options to complement this mild white fish.

Elevate your meal with these delectable side dishes:

  • Easy and Cheesy Funeral Potatoes: Indulge in creamy, cheesy potatoes that are sure to satisfy your comfort food cravings.
  • Oven Roasted Root Vegetables: Enjoy the earthy flavors and crispy texture of roasted carrots, parsnips, and potatoes.
  • Crispy French Fries: Pair your haddock with golden, perfectly seasoned fries for a classic and satisfying combination.
  • Green Beans and Bacon: Add a savory twist to your meal with crispy bacon and tender green beans sautéed in butter.
  • Mashed Potato Cakes: Transform leftover mashed potatoes into crispy cakes that complement the delicate flavors of haddock.
  • Sautéed Spinach: Enjoy a nutritious and vibrant side dish by sautéing fresh spinach with garlic and a sprinkle of lemon juice.

With these mouthwatering side dishes, you can create a well-rounded haddock meal that is sure to impress your family and guests. Experiment with different combinations and flavors to find your favorite accompaniments.

Crispy French Fries

Remember, the key to a memorable dining experience lies in the details. So, don’t forget to serve your haddock with homemade tartar sauce for a tangy kick or explore the versatility of customizable aioli sauce. These flavorful condiments will take your haddock meal to the next level.

Stay tuned for the next sections of our article, where we will explore refreshing salads and vegetable sides, hearty grains and pasta dishes, as well as other exciting culinary pairings for haddock. Happy cooking!

Refreshing Salads and Vegetable Sides

Add a touch of freshness to your haddock dish with these delightful salads and vegetable sides. These options provide a light and vibrant contrast to the mild taste of haddock, enhancing the overall dining experience. From the classic Greek potatoes to the refreshing cucumber salad, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Greek Potatoes

Indulge in the flavors of Greece with this traditional side dish. Greek potatoes are roasted to perfection with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and Mediterranean herbs. The result is tender and flavorful potatoes that perfectly complement the delicate taste of haddock.

Cucumber Salad

For a refreshing salad option, try the cucumber salad. This simple yet satisfying dish features sliced cucumbers tossed in a tangy dressing made with vinegar, oil, and fresh herbs. It’s the perfect accompaniment to haddock, adding a burst of coolness and crunch.

French Green Salad with Vinaigrette

If you prefer a lighter option, the French green salad with vinaigrette is an excellent choice. This classic salad combines fresh lettuce, tender greens, and a zesty vinaigrette dressing. The crispness of the greens and the tanginess of the dressing beautifully complement the delicate flavors of haddock.

Salads and Vegetable Sides Description
Greek Potatoes Roasted potatoes with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and Mediterranean herbs.
Cucumber Salad Sliced cucumbers tossed in a tangy dressing made with vinegar, oil, and fresh herbs.
French Green Salad with Vinaigrette Fresh lettuce and tender greens with a zesty vinaigrette dressing.

Greek potatoes

For a heartier option, you can also try the classic wedge salad or the easy tomato salad. The wedge salad features crisp iceberg lettuce, creamy blue cheese dressing, and crispy bacon, adding a satisfying texture and bold flavors to your haddock meal. Meanwhile, the easy tomato salad combines juicy tomatoes, fragrant basil, and tangy balsamic vinegar for a refreshing burst of flavors.

To add a burst of color and nutrients to your plate, consider oven roasted vegetables. Simply toss your favorite vegetables, such as carrots, bell peppers, and zucchini, in olive oil and seasoning, then roast them until tender and caramelized. The result is a vibrant and flavorful side dish that pairs perfectly with haddock.

These refreshing salads and vegetable sides offer a variety of textures and flavors that perfectly complement the delicate taste of haddock. Whether you’re looking for something light and crisp or hearty and satisfying, there’s a side dish option for every palate. Explore these options and elevate your haddock meal to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Hearty Grains and Pasta Dishes

For a satisfying and filling meal, consider pairing haddock with these hearty grains and pasta dishes. Indulge in the creamy richness of classic risotto, where Arborio rice is cooked to perfection in a flavorful broth infused with garlic and Parmesan cheese. The smooth texture and subtle flavors of risotto complement the delicate taste of haddock, creating a delightful combination.

If you’re looking for a more earthy and wholesome option, wild rice pilaf is the way to go. The nutty flavors of wild rice, combined with aromatic herbs and vegetables, add a robust and satisfying element to your haddock dish. This pilaf is not only delicious but also packed with nutrients, making it a wholesome choice for a well-rounded meal.

For a refreshing twist, try the vibrant Gemelli pasta salad. This delightful combination of haddock and pasta is tossed with a zesty dressing, bursting with flavors from fresh herbs, tangy lemon, and a hint of garlic. The pasta provides a delightful texture, while the dressing adds a burst of freshness that complements the mild taste of haddock perfectly.

Grains and Pasta Dishes Description
Classic Risotto A creamy and indulgent rice dish cooked with garlic, Parmesan cheese, and flavorful broth.
Wild Rice Pilaf A nutty and wholesome combination of wild rice, aromatic herbs, and vegetables.
Gemelli Pasta Salad A refreshing salad with haddock and pasta, tossed in a zesty dressing with fresh herbs and lemon.

Whether you prefer the creamy richness of risotto, the earthy flavors of wild rice pilaf, or the zesty freshness of a pasta salad, pairing haddock with these hearty grains and pasta dishes will elevate your meal to a whole new level. The combination of flavors, textures, and nutrients will satisfy your taste buds and keep you satisfied. So, next time you cook haddock, don’t forget to add a touch of indulgence with these delightful side dishes.

Hearty Grains and Pasta Dishes

Condiments and Sauces

Take your haddock to the next level with these flavorful condiments and tantalizing sauces. From the classic homemade tartar sauce to the tangy combination of honey mustard and horseradish sauce, these accompaniments will add a burst of flavor to your haddock dish.

Start by trying the homemade tartar sauce, a creamy and tangy condiment made with mayonnaise, pickles, capers, and fresh herbs. The combination of briny pickles and zesty capers perfectly complements the delicate flavor of haddock. Spread a generous dollop of this sauce on top of your cooked haddock fillet and enjoy the explosion of flavors.

Quote: “The homemade tartar sauce adds a zingy and creamy element to the haddock, making each bite a delightful experience.”

For those looking for a bold and spicy twist, the honey mustard and horseradish sauce is a must-try. The sweetness of honey, the tanginess of mustard, and the kick of horseradish create a harmonious blend of flavors that pairs exceptionally well with haddock. Brush this sauce onto your haddock before grilling or serve it as a dipping sauce on the side to elevate your dish to new heights.

Haddock dish with homemade tartar sauce and honey mustard and horseradish sauce

Customizable Aioli Sauce

If you’re a fan of garlic, then the customizable aioli sauce is a must-have for your haddock. This versatile sauce starts with a creamy base of mayonnaise and can be customized with your choice of additional flavors like garlic, herbs, lemon, or spices. The aioli sauce adds a rich and garlicky kick to the delicate haddock, making it a perfect pairing for seafood lovers.

Lastly, don’t forget to try the tangy and bold mustard sauce. Whether it’s a classic Dijon mustard or a spicy whole-grain mustard, this condiment adds a vibrant and tangy flavor to your haddock. Brush it on your fish before baking or serve it on the side for dipping, and watch how the mustard sauce takes your haddock to a whole new level.

Condiment/Sauce Description
Homemade tartar sauce A creamy and tangy condiment made with mayonnaise, pickles, capers, and fresh herbs.
Honey mustard and horseradish sauce A bold and spicy sauce combining the sweetness of honey, tanginess of mustard, and kick of horseradish.
Customizable aioli sauce A versatile sauce made with mayonnaise that can be customized with additional flavors like garlic, herbs, lemon, or spices.
Mustard sauce A tangy and bold condiment that adds a vibrant flavor to haddock.


With the wide array of options available, you are now equipped to create a delightful haddock meal that will leave your taste buds satisfied.

When serving haddock, there are many delicious side dishes that pair well with this mild white fish. Some popular options include green beans and bacon, garlic parmesan roasted sweet potatoes, homemade tartar sauce, crispy French fries, oven roasted root vegetables, homemade dinner rolls, easy and cheesy funeral potatoes, easy tomato salad, sautéed spinach, mashed potato cakes, green salad, French green salad with vinaigrette, classic risotto, easy broccoli cheese casserole, cheesy cheddar cauliflower rice, oven baked potato wedges, sautéed mushrooms with buttery garlic sauce, garlic parmesan cauliflower rice, Greek potatoes, avocado Greek salad, oven roasted vegetables, wild rice pilaf, classic wedge salad, cucumber salad, Asian cucumber salad, fruit salad with condensed milk, homemade caesar salad, cheesy baked zucchini casserole, lemon parmesan kale salad, easy copycat Chick-Fil-A coleslaw, grilled vegetable skewers, braised lentils with veggies, Gemelli pasta salad, Mexican Caesar salad with homemade croutons, roasted cauliflower with olive oil and anchovies, garlic bread baguette, honey mustard and horseradish sauce, fresh ginger scallion sauce, customizable aioli sauce, and mustard sauce. These side dishes provide a variety of flavors, textures, and complement the delicate flavor of haddock.

Whether you prefer a comforting and hearty accompaniment or a light and refreshing side, there is something for everyone to enjoy. From traditional dishes like mashed potato cakes and classic risotto to more adventurous options like garlic parmesan cauliflower rice and Gemelli pasta salad, each pairing brings its own unique twist to the table.

So, the next time you prepare haddock for dinner, consider exploring the diverse range of side dishes available. Mix and match to find your favorite combinations, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different flavors and ingredients. With the right accompaniments, you can elevate a simple haddock dish into a culinary masterpiece that will impress family and friends alike.

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