What goes with Camembert
Category Ingredients that Pair with Camembert
Fruits Apple, Pear, Berries
Proteins Prosciutto, Almonds
Breads & Grains Crackers, Baguette
Beverages Red wines, Ciders
Others Honey, Jam

Camembert cheese is a favorite among cheese enthusiasts due to its creamy texture and rich flavor. But what are the perfect pairings for this versatile cheese? In this section, we’ll explore a variety of accompaniments that will enhance your Camembert cheese platter and create a flavor explosion in your mouth.

  • Camembert cheese pairs well with a range of fruits and nuts
  • A classic option for serving Camembert is with a selection of breads and crackers
  • Adding sweet and savory pairings can elevate the flavors of Camembert
  • Complete your cheese platter with a well-paired wine or beverage
  • Experiment with different pairings to discover your personal favorite

Fruits and Nuts

Camembert cheese is a versatile cheese that pairs well with a range of fruits and nuts. The creamy texture of Camembert cheese is complemented well by the crispness of fruits. Fresh slices of apple and pear bring a subtle sweetness to the cheese platter, while raspberries or strawberries provide a delicious tartness that can refresh the senses.

Including nuts alongside Camembert cheese is also a great idea for those who enjoy a bit of crunch and flavor in their cheese platters. Walnuts and almonds are popular options that go well with Camembert cheese. The nutty flavors and textures of the nuts add an extra dimension to the cheese and fruit pairing.

fruits and nuts

A classic option for serving Camembert is with a selection of breads and crackers. Baguette slices or crusty French bread are traditional choices that work well with the soft and gooey texture of the cheese. For a twist, try offering whole wheat or multi-grain crackers, which add a nutty undertone to each bite. Experiment with different types of breads and crackers to find your favorite combination.

Bread and crackers on a wooden board

Don’t be afraid to get creative and try out unique bread and cracker options, such as rye bread or crispy rice crackers. If you want to add an additional layer of flavor, consider toasting the bread or crackers before serving. This can provide a satisfying crunch and enhance the overall taste experience.

As you choose your breads and crackers, keep in mind the types of flavors you want to highlight in your cheese platter. For example, if you are serving the Camembert with a sweet fruit like figs, consider pairing it with a seeded cracker or a slice of raisin bread.

Sweet and Savory Pairings

Camembert cheese is known for its rich and creamy flavor, but pairing it with sweet and savory accompaniments can elevate its taste to a whole new level. Adding a touch of sweetness to your cheese board can balance out the tangy taste of Camembert, while a savory pairing can add depth and complexity to each bite. Here are some ideas to inspire your sweet and savory cheese board:

Sweet Pairings

For a sweet and decadent pairing, try serving your Camembert with honey or fruit preserves. The sweetness of honey complements the creamy texture of the cheese, while fruit preserves can add a tangy element to the mix. Spread a dollop of your favorite honey or preserves on a slice of bread or cracker before adding a generous slice of Camembert, and enjoy the perfect combination of flavors.

You can also add some fresh, juicy fruits to your cheese board. Slices of ripe pear or figs, for example, can provide a refreshing contrast to the richness of the cheese. The acidity of berries, such as raspberries or blackberries, can also cut through the creaminess of the Camembert and provide a burst of flavor.

Savory Pairings

If you’re looking for a more savory pairing, consider adding some cured meats to your cheese board. Salami, prosciutto, or even bacon can complement the earthy taste of the Camembert and add a salty kick. For a vegetarian option, try roasted vegetables such as asparagus or red peppers, which can provide a smoky and sweet flavor to the mix.

You can also try adding a touch of umami to your cheese board by drizzling some truffle oil or balsamic reduction over the Camembert. Truffle oil can add a luxurious and earthy flavor to the cheese, while balsamic reduction can provide a tangy and sweet contrast.

sweet and savory pairings

Pairing Camembert cheese with sweet and savory accompaniments can transform a basic cheese board into a culinary masterpiece. Experiment with different combinations to find your favorite pairing, and enjoy the delicious flavors and textures.

Wine and Beverages

When it comes to pairing Camembert cheese with wine and beverages, there are a few options to consider. A light-bodied red wine, such as Pinot Noir, can complement the earthy notes of the cheese, while a crisp white wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc, can balance the creaminess of the cheese. For those who prefer non-alcoholic options, sparkling water or apple cider can provide a refreshing pairing to cut through the richness of the cheese.

Camembert cheese and wine pairing

Remember, the key to finding the perfect wine or beverage pairing is to experiment. Try different options and see what works best for your personal taste preferences. As with any cheese platter, the goal is to create a well-balanced combination of flavors and textures, and the right beverage can enhance the overall experience.


In conclusion, Camembert cheese is a perfect addition to any cheese platter, and with the right accompaniments, it can truly shine. Whether you prefer sweet or savory pairings, there are plenty of options to choose from.

When selecting fruits and nuts, consider options such as crisp apple slices or crunchy walnuts. If you opt for breads and crackers, try pairing Camembert with crusty French bread or nutty multi-grain crackers.

For those who prefer a blend of sweet and savory, fig jam or truffle oil can be a delightful addition. And don’t forget to pair your cheese with a well-suited beverage, such as a light-bodied red or crisp white wine.

Experiment and Enjoy

Ultimately, the key to creating the perfect Camembert cheese platter is to experiment and find what works best for your personal tastes. Try different combinations and discover your favorite pairings.

With its rich and creamy texture, Camembert cheese is a versatile choice that can be enjoyed in many different ways. Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply indulging in a snack, Camembert cheese is sure to please. So go ahead and enjoy!

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