Meet Mathew: Your Go-To Guy for All Things Flavor

From Hertfordshire to Cornwall: My Food Journey

Hey there! I’m Mathew. My love for cooking started in Hertfordshire, where I got my first taste of what it means to be a chef. Soon, I found myself in beautiful Cornwall, cooking up all sorts of dishes that celebrated the local produce and some awesome stuff from around the world.

Swapping the Chef Coat for Home Cooking

I’ve stepped away from the hustle and bustle of restaurant kitchens but haven’t hung up my love for cooking. Now, I get to have fun experimenting in my own kitchen and sharing everything I know with you all.

What I’m All About: Making Flavor Simple

Food is more than just what fills our stomachs; it’s a whole experience. And the key to a great food experience? Flavor, and lots of it!

The Magic of Mixing Flavors

I’m kind of obsessed with finding flavors that just “click” together. It’s like finding two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly. It could be as simple as the classic combo of basil and tomato, or something a bit more adventurous, like mixing spices in a Moroccan dish. Either way, it’s all about making something awesome.

Sharing the Love for Cooking

The best part about cooking? Sharing it with others. That’s why I started WhatGoesWith.co.uk. I want to help you become a master of flavors in your own kitchen. No fancy jargon, just straightforward advice and cool recipes to try out.

Let’s Cook Up Something Great Together

Food’s always more fun when you share it. So, come on this flavor adventure with me. Let’s turn your kitchen into the best eatery in town, one awesome dish at a time.